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Microcurrent Nuerofeedback in Dallas, Texas.

 As a 4th year medical student, I have tried nearly everything to cope with anxiety and stress. Somethings work better than other, and I can say, with confidence, that the IASIS brain treatment provided real time anxiety reducing results. After a couple sessions with Tricia, I experienced a sense of calmness, improved concentration & memory, and a heighten sense of awareness for my surroundings. Music sounded better and I had the best sleep of my life that same night. Tricia is a very knowledgeable technician that clearly explains the process step by step, which made the overall process a breeze!- Customer

"As a teacher I found myself not being able to focus as well as I used to. After I started IASIS I was much calmer, more focused, and I noticed that I 'found my words' better when I was in front of the class."

The honest truth is that I probably would never have heard of microcurrent neurofeedback therapy if I did not work with Trisha’s husband. I was skeptical, of course, since I did not know the history of this procedure but after researching the impressive results with patients with PTSD, depression and anxiety, I was optimistically cautious that I could see results with my issues. 


I was in the middle of eight to twelve-hour days, seven days a week, studying for a promotional examination for work for at least four months. I was about five or six weeks from the examination and I was having issues sleeping, having high anxiety and was very short-tempered with my husband and son. Trish was so very kind to offer this therapy to me in an attempt to evaluate its effectiveness with studying, better sleep quality and reduction in anxiety. Within the first several treatments, my sleep was drastically improved and I was able to finally relax enough at night to sleep more than two hours at a time. Where I was having to take a study break every twenty to thirty minutes for a minute or two, I was noticing I was able to go longer and not feeling quite as worn out.  But the biggest and greatest change was actually not felt by me but noticed by my husband! After five or six treatments, we were having a conversation about possibilities if I did well on the test and what would happen if I failed. This is a conversation that we would have many times during the months of studying.  This time, however, after we were done, he told me that I had never had that conversation and not gotten upset or really anxious!  


The last several weeks of studying were some of the most productive that I had ever had and I went into my test feeling confident that I had the best chance of doing well!! Without the encouragement, faithful and positive support and treatment that Trisha provided to me, I am confident that I would not have had such a successful test result. Trisha puts 100% of herself, energy and devotion in making sure every single patient of hers is the best version of themselves. Anybody that has anxiety issues, concentration difficulties or sleeping problems would absolutely benefit from microcurrent neurofeedback and I would not trust anyone but Trisha! 

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